The FIRST® Parody Contest is an annual tradition that challenges teams to record a creative twist on a favorite tune. Competition is fierce –  teams from around the world (and from all FIRST programs) send in their best renditions.

This year’s contest was no different – we received over 100 entries and after much consideration, they were narrowed down to the top 20 finalists. Our #STEMsquad was encouraged to vote for their favorite finalists during a two-week period – thanks to all who participated! All the videos were great, but we’re especially proud to say that this year’s winners consist of a dozen FIRST® LEGO® League teams from around the globe!  These teams took the spirit of Coopertition® to the next level in their coordinated approach.

Check out their inspiring video:

Making a video like this requires coordination and teamwork! We caught up with the teams to learn about their experience.

Where did you get the idea for your Parody?

Out of the #MAKEITLOUD spirit of the Parody competition, and since we wanted to really share our experience, we came with the idea to submit a song jointly with other FIRST teams worldwide.  Once we began to understand the task at hand, we planned a detailed schedule to be able to complete the entire international production on schedule. – Rookie Team Skyline from Israel, the Parody leaders who took their idea to the global FIRST LEGO League community

How did you connect with the other teams?

One of our coaches is on a Facebook page for FIRST LEGO League and FIRST® LEGO® League Jr. coaches, and they responded to a request to join the other teams on the parody. Our coach told us about the opportunity and we talked about all that we had to do in our season and if we thought we would have the time to do this too. Our team voted yes to participating because it was a really great opportunity to work with other teams from around the world. – Teams the Green Clean Team and Stetson A1 from Pennsylvania, USA

What was your favorite part about making the video?

Our favorite part was doing some out-of-box thinking to match the lyrics. – Team Blockheads from Ohio, USA

Collaborating and making new friends with FIRST LEGO League teams from around the world! – Team Skyline

Seeing the end-product with all the team videos put together, and contributing to a global project. The dancing was great fun, too! – Teams Aqua4, Splashcats, and Purification Organization from South Carolina, USA

What was the most difficult part about making the video?

When we were all swaying in line, because we were always laughing! – Teams OLF Brilliant Knights – Crowns and Roses from New York, USA

Do the teams still connect with one another?

Our team has a lot of friends from different countries. We are going hold a joint web conference with the teams that participated in the FIRST Parody contest this year. We would also like to take part in this event next year! – Teams Best Matrioshka and Happy Bears from Russia

We are very happy that we still keep in touch, mainly through Facebook. The teams follow each other – supporting and encouraging before the competitions, congratulating afterwards, and even planning for next year’s parody! – Team Skyline

What suggestions do you have for teams who are looking to make friends with teams from other countries?

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Our suggestion would be to take every opportunity to connect and be open to making friends! – Team Blockheads

FIRST is truly a community of opportunity, so take part in it! – Team Skyline


Going to one of the FIRST Championships? The teams’ video will be played during the FIRST LEGO League Awards Ceremony at both events!