Join FIRST® and Twitch Partner DeejayKnight on the FIRST Twitch channel on Saturday, March 31, as we visit FIRST® Tech Challenge Team SFROBOTICS in Wisconsin, USA. We’re excited to tune in – the team has many former FIRST® LEGO® League students who went on to participate in the next step of the FIRST Progression of Programs!

During the broadcast, the team will show Deejay a robot they built for a young girl named Vivian who has a congenital neurological disorder. Building from their FIRST experience, the team met with Vivian’s family, gathered requirements, sourced donations and expertise, and worked after school for more than a year on the bot – which is remote-controlled by Vivian’s parents. The team is currently working on the second version of the robot and hopes to make it fully autonomous so it can avoid obstacles and keep up with the energetic three-year-old.

There will also be a live 90-minute FIRST Tech Challenge build session during the broadcast – if you’re thinking about taking the next step in your FIRST journey, this is a great sneak peek at seeing what the program entails!

Tune in starting at 11:00 am ET on March 31:

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