Twitch Partner DeejayKnight ends his cross-country road trip to visit FIRST teams this week – join us on April 13 and 14 as we visit two FIRST® Robotics Competition teams in California!

On April 13 starting at 7:00 pm ET, we’ll hang out with FIRST Robotics Competition Team 6904 “TeraWatts” in Watts, California. The TeraWatts were a FIRST Parody finalist this year – check out their inspiring video:

On April 14 starting at 3:00 pm ET, we’ll visit Team 4201 “Vitruvian Bots” in El Segundo, California. The Vitruvian Bots are also no strangers to the FIRST Parody competition – last year, they won the contest with this video:

This is our last stream before the FIRST Championship – don’t miss it! For a front row seat to the road trip and all the Championship action, follow FIRST on Twitch: