Fun with Pumpkins

We hope you enjoyed your Halloween! It’s not too late to send your pics of space-related pumpkins to us.

Speaking of pumpkins – you’ve got to check out the amazingly cute feedings that happen at zoos.

Zookeepers in the US usually give pumpkins to the animals around the national Halloween and Thanksgiving celebrations. Crowds gather to see how the animals react to the pumpkins, which are often filled with treats.

Some animals, like elephants, smash the pumpkins before devouring them. Others reach inside, like monkeys, or are small enough to go inside them, like snakes or birds, eating them from the inside out.

Did you know that pumpkins are very healthy for animals? They offer new ways to seek out food and are good for their diet, too. They’re super-healthy for humans, too, since they contain beta-carotene. Beta-carotene turns into vitamin A in the body and gives orange vegetables and fruits their vibrant color. Vitamin A is important for eye health.

All these facts could come in handy for the next animal-themed or food-themed challenge. Do any of you remember the ones FIRST® released a few years ago? The animal-themed ones were CREATURE CRAZE℠ and ANIMAL ALLIES℠ and the food-themed ones were SNACK ATTACK℠ AND FOOD FACTOR℠. That’s going back several years now.

Check with your local zoo to see if it will be putting on a special Thanksgiving pumpkin-feeding event. In the meantime, here are some videos with Bronx Zoo bears playing with pumpkins and various Houston Zoo animals eating pumpkins.

Teams in Costumes

NASA shared their favorite space-themed costumes on Twitter. Have you seen them yet?

We asked you to share your costumes with us, too, and we got a few cool responses.

Some pics were taken while teams were working on their Projects. We are proud to see how seriously you take your missions and that the work on Projects or Robot Games doesn’t stop just because it’s Halloween!

Here are just a few of the ones we wanted to share:

Team #492, the LMS Robotics, from Mount Prospect, IL, USA, built a life-size Gerhard.
Even teachers get into the fun!
Team #12946, Park Ave FIRST LEGO League Jr., from Warwick, NY, USA didn’t let a little thing like Halloween get in the way. They spent the morning programming their Moon Rover and working on the Moon Base.
What a treat! These younger kids are mentored by a FIRST® Tech Challenge team.
team37463_pic1 (2)
For these super heroes from Team #37463, the Hyper Novas, from West Bloomfield, MI, USA, their super power is teamwork!
Keren Martinez of Monterrey, Mexico, shows how much fun her robotics team has.

How will you be celebrating the last few months of the year? Let us know @firstlegoleague or via email and we might feature YOU on social media.