Team Super Aqua Squad from Yuma, Arizona, USA, has had a busy few months.  These HYDRO DYNAMICSSM Global Innovation Award Semi-Finalists have been working on their Aqua Box invention, are mentoring, and are featured in a podcast about FIRST® published today by the Intellectual Property Owners Association.

Take a listen to the Stroke of Genius podcast episode called “The Super Soaker.” It features this #FIRSTlikeagirl team speaking about their experience as a team of mentor-inventors and what it’s like to meet with a patent attorney. The discussion about FIRST and the Super Aqua Squad Team starts at minute 15:45.

Super Aqua Squad, proudly sporting their Innovation Ambassador FIRST shirts, at the NASA Family and Friends meet and greet with astronaut Randy Bresnik and Engineer Rosa Obregon.

Recently the team met with local engineers from NASA. These engineers were testing their parachutes on the Orion capsule at nearby Yuma Proving Grounds.  The team was able to present the Aqua Box to them, which delivers water safely to the ground from a helicopter or plane.  The highlight of the day was going into the hanger to see the NASA project up close. They compared field notes between their two products that both drop from the sky.

Super Aqua Squad are regulars at their local 21st Century Community Learning Center. They tutor and help children who come there with homework and bullying problems. They also inspire them to explore and invent.

One of their favorite aspects of mentoring and being a FIRST® LEGO® League Innovation Ambassador is helping other students to see their potential.

“The Super Aqua Squad are often sitting with the shy or unpopular kids during the after-school program,” their coach Elizabeth said. “One recent day, they noticed that a student who struggles to socialize was upset, so they sat with him all afternoon.  He was unsure about his LEGO® WeDo programming.  They empathized, listened, and shared their own struggles with developing the Aqua Box. As they gave advice, they embodied the FIRST Core Values: it’s the learning journey that is most important.”


What’s next for these girls?  Stay tuned for the possible development of a webpage for the Aqua Box!

Keep following the team’s adventures at @SquadAqua

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