Coaches and mentors serve a critical, guiding role on FIRST® teams. We thank you for giving your time, resources, and energy to making the team experience an amazing one for your youth team members.

We can help you keep your parents and team members “in the know” and make sure they don’t miss out on any of the news and valuable information coming from FIRST.

Registering your team members in our system and guiding parents to complete the registration process is key. It improves our communication to FIRST youth team members and their parents .

Why is this so important?

By registering your youth team members, you:

  • Allow us to keep in touch with students about scholarships, internships and career opportunities
  • Help us contact parents in case of emergencies
  • Make it easier to create a team roster needed for events
  • Provide FIRST with demographic data to help improve and grow our programs*
  • Provide your team members with the ability to apply for team awards

*FIRST uses youth information to understand who our programs are serving – ensuring that they are accessible to all. We also use aggregate information to meet sponsor requirements, such as the total number of team members and the percentage of boys and girls. Private information is not shared.

Learn more about registering youth team members and do it today.