This time of the year — coming to the end of the year and starting a new one — offers us a chance to reflect. What did we learn from the past year? What happened that we’re grateful for?

We asked the FIRST® community what they want to share from the past year and these are some of the responses we received:

Teacher @patriciasmeyers:

August 15, 2018. A day of gratitude with a feeling of acceptance, respect, and acknowledgement of my commitment to education. I’ll never forget how that felt and will forever be grateful and hold on tight to the memory!

FIRST® LEGO® League team Himalayan Hackers:

This year we are grateful for the never ending support from our families, mentors, coaches, and the community that surrounds us.

FIRST LEGO League coach Stacie for team Robo Duckies:

I am grateful for the ten young people who put their heart & soul (not to mention their time, brains, & a whole lot of elbow grease) into our Robot, Project, & FLL Core Values. They make my day a little brighter & I feel so blessed to be their Mama RoboDucky.

Lesson learned?: Important part of TEAM WORK: The WHOLE is Greater Than The Sum Of Its Parts. For a @firstlegoleage team to become more than just a group of individuals, team members must think of themselves like astronauts: each is an equally valuable key player in the success of the mission!

Seshan Brothers:

Never think something is impossible. In 2018, many “impossible things” became possible for us. As it says in the Phantom Tollbooth: “So many things are possible just as long as you don’t know they’re impossible.”

Most grateful for?: Grateful for @FIRSTweets for showing us who we are and what we are good at.


Christopher Haines, a FIRST LEGO League team coach:

Lesson learned?: ALWAYS test missions on at least 2 different playing fields! 

He also gives a shout-out to mentors: “Grateful for @SeshanBrothers for assistance and inspiration to my teams, and so many more! And grateful for @FIRSTweets for continuing to come up with awesome topics to explore!”