hydro schematicTeam FSINGENIUM from the Navarra region of Spain won the FIRST® LEGO® League Global Innovation Award in June 2018 for the HYDRO DYNAMICSSM season with their HYDROBALL invention.  The HYDROBALL is a soil measuring device that can be buried for many years, sensing humidity outside and the water tension in the soil.  It transmits this data via an App, which will recommend crop watering. Check out their first guest blog post here

Open Your Own Doors – Connect with Teams from Around the World

Participation in FIRST LEGO League and the Global Innovation Award enabled FSINGENIUM to build a global network of teams from other countries to openly share ideas, resources, and advice with.  While they befriended teams at international events like the World Festival at the FIRST®  Championship, the Global Innovation Award, and the European International Open, the team also recommends connecting with teams electronically to build a network even if you can’t physically meet them at events.

How does the team make friends with others around the world?  “We view YouTube videos, and when we see someone that amazes us or we are curious about, we write them to suggest a video chat.  We have our questions ready beforehand, and we also share information about our team’s work in advance.  This enables both teams to learn from each other.  You don’t need to be a super team to share; we can learn from all teams, even rookie ones. They all have interesting ideas and there is always plenty to talk about.”

Team Red from South Korea and FSINGENIUM met via social media.  Team Red was unable to attend the FIRST Championship in Detroit last year, so the teams became virtual pen pals.  Of their international friends, FSINGENIUM says, “We talk about robot designs.  We show them how we solved a problem, they give us feedback, and vice versa. They design awesome robots.”  This free-flowing knowledge-sharing between teams is maintained via frequent e-mails and video conferencing.

Team FSINGENIUM with The Horcruxes Team from Pune, India at the 2018 FIRST Championship in Detroit, MI, USA.

Some of FSINGENIUM’s other virtual pen pals include: Team Goethe RobotX from Germany, Team Techmaker from Brazil, Team PetroBlitz from Isreal, Team B6 Berilum from England, and Team Thunderbots from the United States.

Members of FSINGENIUM cherish their relationships with international teams: “It has been awesome.  It’s hard to explain, but it’s incredible to be able to talk to other kids in different parts of the world about the same things that we like and are interested in.  It’s a good feeling. It’s special, because these teams are just as hopeful and excited about participating in FIRST LEGO League as we are.”

FSINGENIUM Coach Fernando Sarría believes that making connections around the world is critical for youth today: “For the kids, this is also very educational, because in a way it eliminates barriers and borders. Today they are here, but tomorrow they may work in Germany, Korea, the United States, or Mexico, and they have already been exposed to these cultures because of the connections they have made with other teams.  Thanks to this, they have a better perspective, and it’s one of the best aspects of FIRST LEGO League.”

Stay up-to-date on the team’s progress by visiting their website: www.theHYDROBALL.com or follow the team on Twitter @fsingeniumTEAM.

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