The Super Aqua Squad from Yuma, Arizona, USA is an Innovation Ambassador team from the HYDRO DYNAMICSSM season. The all-girls team created the Aqua Box, which safely delivers bottled water to direct targets, providing immediate relief in emergency or disaster areas until ground support can arrive. 

Since creating the Aqua Box and participating in FIRST LEGO League, the girls have aged up to FIRST® Tech Challenge and mentor others at a local 21st century learning center.

Team members Mia, Yukatie, and Bianca explain how the FIRST® Core Values have influenced them in today’s post. 

Teamwork guides the girls in FIRST and beyond:

  • FIRST has helped me come out of my shell in school by helping me learn to work with others and use teamwork.” – Mia
  • “One thing I learned from FIRST is how to use teamwork. While at Global [Innovation Award], they had us work with other people in different teams as a challenge. This helped me ask people for help on assignments I had struggled working through.”- Yukatie
  • “One main thing I learned from FIRST is how to implement teamwork in my everyday life. While at competition, they had us work together in many ways, including: working with other teams, communicating with other teams, and working together with our teammates. This helped me be able to communicate and ask other classmates for help on assignments I don’t understand.” – Bianca

The girls have embraced discovery through learning new skills and ideas:

  • “I joined a coding class to explore new ideas and grow. I have learned how to build a website and how to correct code that has been typed/written incorrectly. I am happy with the skills I have gained and hope to learn more” – Mia
  • “Another thing I learned is how to explore new skills and ideas. When we were making the Aqua Boxes, we always had to come up with new innovative ideas on how to improve it.” -Yukatie

Impact has inspired the girls to help others:

  • “I have been doing service projects, which include serving food to the homeless, grooming a park, and donating items for children in foster care.” – Mia
  • FIRST has helped our team impact a bunch of people’s lives by giving us the inspiration to create the Aqua Box. I try my best to impact the world as much as I possibly can. As for me, I have been trying to improve the environment and volunteer as much as I can, like donating clothes, shoes, and toys to people in need. I also have been trying to impact others in a smaller sense by giving compliments, helping others, interacting and socializing with others.” – Bianca

Lastly, the girls never forget to have FUN and celebrate their accomplishments!


  • “I think I try my best to use all my Core Values outside of FIRST, and remember to always have fun!”- Bianca

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