This month, we’re highlighting some of the people who helped inspire the PLAYMAKERSSM and RePLAYSM season #IRL. Check out all of their stories in the Career Connections sections of our season guides!

Meet Pedro Alejandro Yang! Pedro has a special connection to FIRST® LEGO® League, as he’s a member of LEGO® Education’s Competitions Team. Pedro works closely with our Program Delivery Partners around the globe.

Pedro is also an Olympian who played badminton in the 2004 Summer Olympics! Being an athlete requires consuming calories for energy, and a hobby Pedro enjoys is cooking recipes that famous chefs posts on YouTube.

Pedro’s STEM superhero is Woodie Flowers because he was an amazing STEM advocate and invented what we know today in the FIRST® community as Gracious Professionalism®

Pedro’s advice to teams? It’s not about winning, but the learnings and friends you make in your journey.