This month, we’re highlighting some of the people who helped inspire the PLAYMAKERSSM and RePLAYSM season #IRL. Check out all of their stories in the Career Connections sections of our season guides!

Meet Javion Mosley! Javion works at FIRST® LEGO® League Global Sponsor Rockwell Automation and is a mentor for Team #2830 Riverside Robotigers. Javion is also a FIRST® alum!

In addition to robotics, Javion loves to travel and experience as many new things as he can. Javion’s passion for travel and STEM even brought him to China, where he was an intern at Rockwell Automation before he started his full-time work.

Javion’s STEM superheroes are Wilbur and Orville Wright, thanks to his admiration of flight.

Javion advice to teams? Treat FIRST as part of your building blocks for your future, as the steps you take today will affect your outcome tomorrow.