Due to the unique challenges facing the 2020-2021 season, we’ve adapted our traditional event experience with the safety and well-being of our community as our top priority. For this reason, FIRST® events in your area may be offered in traditional or remote formats.  

How can a hands-on activity possibly be the same in a remote setting? Events are when we get to see each other – even if virtually – and celebrate the fact that we banded together as a community in hard times and still found ways to engage. They’re the time to celebrate that we solved our goals and missions, despite the obstacles we faced during this unprecedented time. The event experience is a great way to make sure teams stay connected as we return to normal – we’ll be stronger together next season because of how we persevered together this season! 

If you think about it, almost every industry that involves travel or in-person collaboration has gone virtual. Along the way, we’ve learned that technology is the next best thing to meeting in person – and we should use it to the fullest. 

Remote events also allow more teams to navigate remote or hybrid school and still have time to work as a team and enjoy the feedback of judges, referees or reviewers just as in an in-person event. 

We’re certainly looking forward to seeing all of our teams under one roof in person when it’s safe to do so, but in the meantime, we’re happy we have the technology to give virtual high fives to our FIRST friends! 

Photo from the 2019 FIRST Championship

Are you attending a remote event this season? Share your experience using #FIRSTGAMECHANGERS and see what other teams are up to on our community wall.  

FIRSTProgram Delivery Partners are your local program contacts and manage the events in your area. Event formats and timing for the 2020-2021 season will be determined by your Program Delivery Partner. Contact your local Program Delivery Partner for information about events available to you.