On June 24-27, 2021, teams from 117 countries around the world will participate in live judging, robot matches and activities at the FIRST LEGO League Virtual Open Invitational organized by our partner in Greece, eduACT. All teams are invited to join in the celebration to culminate the RePLAY(SM) season by tuning in to watch the Opening and Closing Ceremonies and Robot Game matches that will be broadcast.

There were hundreds of remote events held throughout the RePLAY season, but none this large. With 200 teams participating, close to 2,000 students will have the chance to connect via video to be judged on their Innovation Project and Robot Design along with Core Values. The event organizers will broadcast the Robot Game matches for exciting game play viewing. Be sure to visit the virtual pits to learn more about the teams participating.

More information can be found on eduACT’s website.