On August 17th, the CARGO CONNECT train will leave the station and teams will be up and running with their new knowledge of the detailed Robot Game Missions and Innovation Project. Even without these details, you can get a head start. Here are 5 steps to take now.

1. Register your team(s). By starting now, your team will be set up to receive important emails from both FIRST HQ and your local partner.

2. Order your Challenge and Robot Sets. Once registered, you have access to purchase a Challenge Set and get a good look at the mat layout. Maybe you’ll even get some ideas for how you will navigate your robot to difference areas of the mat.

3. Set up your team meeting space. Whether you are meeting at school, a friend’s house or even remotely, set up your space so you have everything you need ready to go. Where will you set up your mat? How will you keep your materials organized so you don’t lose any important pieces? Where will you charge your robot’s battery?

4. Seek out Transportation experts. We know we’ll be tackling problems related to transportation, even without all of the details. Use this time to start seeking out local experts. Are there shipping companies, airports, or freight docks in your community?

5. Practice your Core Values. The Core Values remain central to the program and do not change from year to year. Since you know your team will be judged on how well the embrace the Core Values, start learning what they are and how your team can make them a part of your transportation journey.