In December, the LEGO® Education SPIKE™ App 3 will be launched, giving a faster connection flow and increased predictability in model behavior for more effective iteration and testing. After the launch of SPIKE App 3, SPIKE App 2 will prompt you to download SPIKE App 3. The Web App will automatically switch to SPIKE App 3 on the launch date, and you will be prompted to update your firmware to ensure compatibility. Your firmware needs to be coherent with the app version to be compatible. As updating to the SPIKE App 3 will affect existing code, we recommend that FIRST® LEGO® League teams do NOT transition to the new app in the middle of their season.

However, teams that have not yet started with their robot, or have already finished their season, can benefit from the following key attributes:

  • Faster Hub Connection

Easy wireless connection allows students to focus on the learning content and spend their time more efficiently. Makes wireless connections through Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) more straightforward and faster.

  • Enhanced Model Movement Prediction

Improved motor precision increases the predictability of the model movement. The motor movement blocks improve motor regulation resulting in more precise motor behavior.

  • Improved Firmware Upgrade    

Updating firmware is now much faster for SPIKE Prime. Students can continue to work on their coding during the upgrade.

  • Support for bigger User Programs 

More Hub memory supports bigger user programs. This allows advanced users and competition teams to string longer code together to solve missions more effectively.

  • Simplified Motor and Movement Blocks

Simplified palette of motor and movement blocks makes coding more intuitive and empower students to test, debug and optimize their designs.

A new Python API will be rolled out in a coming update, but Python is not initially part of the SPIKE App 3 launch. You will be informed as soon as future updates becomes available.