Break out your building materials for a fun, holiday-themed activity!  You can use a Discover More set, LEGO® or LEGO® DUPLO® bricks, or your own building materials for these short, fun activities for the entire family.

  • Say it:  Start with each family member picking a brick to represent themselves, then set these bricks aside. Using the remaining bricks, build a place or object that is meaningful to a holiday that your family celebrates.  Now, use the bricks selected for each family member to pretend it’s the day(s) of your holiday.  Use your bricks and models to act out what you do in each place or with each object to celebrate.
  • Copy it: Choose a favorite holiday song.  Create a way to use your Six Bricks or other building materials to play along with the music.  You might build an instrument, clap your bricks together, tap them on a table, or pretend they are drums.  Sing and play together with the song.
Can you guess what this is?

Take your play a step further by adding these activities and playing the Discover More Game, adding new building materials, expanding your builds, and coming up with your own activities playing together however your family likes to have fun.

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