Looking for a fun, easy, and educational activity that the whole family can do together?  Use a Discover More set, other LEGO® or LEGO® DUPLO® bricks, or choose your own building materials for these short, fun activities for all ages:

Discover More Set

Build It!: January is Winter in the Northern Hemisphere and Summer in the Southern Hemisphere. Start by learning which hemisphere you are in.  You can use a map or a globe to find your location.  Are you north or south of the equator?  Next, use your Six Bricks to build something that represents the season where you live.  For example, you might build a snowflake, a snowman, or ice skates for the winter, or the sun, ice cream, or shorts for the summer.  Then, switch to build something from the other hemisphere’s season. 

Say It!: Begin by assembling your Six Bricks into a cube (or select another small object to toss).  It will be a “snowball” or “beach ball” for this game.  Choose who will start.  They must name something that represents your season.  Then, they toss the “ball” to another person who names another seasonal item.  If they repeat something someone else has already said or take more than 5 seconds to answer, they are out.  Last player standing is the winner! 

Take your play a step further by adding these activities and playing the Discover More Game, adding new building materials, expanding your builds, and coming up with your own activities playing together however your family likes to have fun!