Today’s post is by Kate Sample, a proud FIRST® alum, coach, volunteer, former educator, and a specialist on the Education team at FIRST HQ. In this role, she supports educators and coaches who implement our programs by developing resources and content.  

Kate Sample

What a whirlwind the FIRST season can be! From learning about the different ways we create and use energy, to building and coding your robot, and practicing your core values along the way – there is so much to do!  

Now that your SUPERPOWEREDSM competition or celebration event has wrapped up, you might be thinking, what can my team do now? We’ve put together some great suggestions for you to check out! 

  • Check out FIRST Kahoots! We have over 60 unique Kahoots you can use to test your students’ knowledge on the different parts of FIRST LEGO League as well as exploring trivia about energy, computer science, and engineering careers.  
  • Practice Your Programming Thanks to other FIRST LEGO League teams in our community, there are a number of great lessons that can help your students improve their coding skills. Everything from reliably turning, using sensors, and documenting your process for judges. Pick a new skill and work to master it!
  • Iterate Your Design There is more than one way to solve a problem – so continue to iterate your design. Challenge your students to improve their robot build or their Innovation Project. Compare the new versions to the old ones and see how things have adapted.   
  • Host a Showcase for Families Just because your official competition season is over doesn’t mean you can’t share what you’ve learned with your families and community! Consider hosting a fun night where students invite their families and people from the community to see their innovation project presentation and watch their robot run. This is also a great time to recognize each students’ contributions and pass out certificates

How is your team continuing to learn after your tournament? Let us know on social media using #SUPERPOWERED, and be sure to tag @FIRSTLEGOLeague!