March 14 is Pi Day!  It celebrates the number π, which starts with 3.14.  In the United States, we write March 14 as 3/14, like pi.  Break out your Six Bricks to learn more about pi (and pie) as a family!  You can use a Discover More set, other LEGO® or LEGO® DUPLO® bricks, or you can choose your own building materials for these short, fun activities for the whole family. 

  • Build It!:  Pi is all about circles – it’s the circumference divided by the diameter.  How many circles are in a LEGO brick?  Count the studs and don’t forget the bottom.  Add or multiply to find out how many total circles are in Six Bricks. 
  • Build It!:  Use your Six Bricks to see how many ways you can draw circles.  You might start by taping a marker to one brick, then holding down one corner and spinning the brick.  Can you use your Six Bricks to draw smaller circles?  How large a circle can you make?  For some extra math fun, measure your circle’s circumference with a string and the diameter with a ruler.  Divide your circumference measurement by the diameter you measured and see how close to pi you get. 
  • Build It!:  Some people like to celebrate Pi Day by eating pie!  Use your Six Bricks to build your favorite kind(s) of pie.  Do you like apple pie, chocolate pie, or pepperoni pizza pie?  Then share what you built and explain why it’s your favorite. 

Take your play a step further by adding these activities and playing the Discover More Game, adding new building materials, expanding your builds, and coming up with your own activities playing together however your family likes to have fun. 

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