As your SUPERPOWEREDSM season comes to an end, you might be thinking about how to best organize all of your equipment for the kickoff of your MASTERPIECESM season in August. We’ve got some great tips on how to do just that!  

While Using Your Materials: 

Keeping Pieces from Rolling: Those pesky LEGO® elements can have a mind of their own – just jumping off the table and rolling away on the floor – usually in a hard to reach place. The lid of the LEGO set can be used as a tray to keep pieces from rolling away. You can also try using shallow, clear plastic boxes to store all the pieces you need at that time.   

Lost and Found: As you are meeting, make sure you have a space for lost LEGO pieces. Whether it is during a meeting or as you clean up at the end, have students place any extra or found LEGO pieces in a cup. Have team members who are missing pieces come to the cup to look for them and make sure they get back to their permanent homes.  

Before Ending a Meeting:

Give Students Roles: In the real world, every great team has individuals who lead different responsibilities. Your FIRST LEGO League team is no different. Having one assigned or a schedule of rotating students responsible for clearing away and storing materials will make sure everything is squared away each time you meet.  

Keeping Things Stored Safely:

Parts In Progress: Sometimes you won’t be able to finish all your building in one day. The last thing you want to happen is all your pieces get lost in the mass collection of LEGO. We recommend using plastic bags or containers to store any unfinished builds or assembled models and labeling them for ease.   

Everything in its Place: In order to make the most of your time together as a team, it is important to know where all your materials are so you can quickly get what you need and start rolling. Designate a storage space for the built mission models, your LEGO robot pieces, and the challenge mat/table. At the end of each meeting, make sure everything gets put back in its place so you are ready for the next meeting.   

Have any tips or tricks on storing your materials? Let us know on social media using #MASTERPIECE, and be sure to tag @FIRSTLEGOLeague!