NeXT Generation bridges the progression of programs

February 22, 2016

Our FIRST ®LEGO® League Global Innovation semi-finalists, runners-up and winners do not necessarily end their work when their winning seasons are over. We caught up with the 2015 FLL WORLD CLASSSM semi-finalists, NeXT Generation, of Tully, NY, USA, who have had quite an exciting year working with teams in three of the four FIRST® programs. Earlier this season, NeXT GEN… Read More ›

Winter ‘Storm’ update

Last season’s FLL WORLD CLASSSM Global Innovation winning team, Team Storm of Terre Haute, Ind., USA, walked away with the top prize of $20,000 USD to further develop their ROY G. BIV Math System to aid students struggling with dyslexia. Coach Lori Langley recently checked in with the team’s progress. At the end of May 2015, we… Read More ›

‘Fixing the world’ has a nice ring to it

Last season’s FLL WORLD CLASSSM Global Innovation Semi-Finalist, the Heschel RoboHawks of Northridge, California, developed the Word Ring as their Project solution.  The team of 6th- through 8th-graders describes their invention as a text-to-speech device designed to assist visually impaired people read; 34% of visually impaired children are non-readers in America.  Braille books are not… Read More ›

Create Tomorrowland

FIRST® LEGO® League teams are pretty excellent at solving challenges. Every year, we give you a new one to embark upon. But while you’re waiting for Global Challenge Release on Aug. 25, we wanted to let you know about an exciting new challenge from one of the supporters of our annual FLL Global Innovation Award… Read More ›

Winding down/gearing up

Our Twitter chat for the gap between seasons was a resounding success! Thanks to our hosts, The Droids and Ponytail Posse. You can find the full chat Storified (that’s just a fancy way to say summarized) here. What other topics would you like to see us cover in future Twitter chats? Let us know by… Read More ›

Twitter chat: Wrapping up or gearing up

You may already be thinking about the TRASH TREK(SM) season, or you might just be finishing up your FLL WORLD CLASS(SM) activities. Wherever you are in your FIRST® LEGO® League season, we have a fun Twitter chat scheduled to help YOU! Join @firstlegoleague and veteran teams Droid Robotics and Ponytail Posse, who will answer questions and… Read More ›

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