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My FLL ‘Hero’

Spotlight on a FLL ‘Hero’ In this series, my goal is for us to ‘toot the horn’ of some of the amazing people we know who are involved with FIRST® LEGO® League. Most of these people don’t usually like standing in the spotlight as they always want to keep it about the kids. They’re the… Read More ›

Flip’s Senior Connection

Flip spends the day with a very special retiree!

Can Flip Save the Day?

Flip and the Mystery of the Messed Up Missions! By – Heidi Buck To save a copy of this comic, right click on this link: Flip Saves the Day

Senior Shut Out

Why some seniors probably won’t be chosen as any team’s senior partner. By- Heidi Buck This season’s Senior Solution Project asks teams to solve a problem faced by seniors as they age. As part of the Project, teams are asked to connect with a senior partner. These partners must be an adult at least 60… Read More ›

Wouldn’t It Be Cool If…

Which awesome invention idea did Dean Kamen vote for during the Wouldn’t It Be Cool If… finalist event, held on-site at this year’s Championship?  Watch this new video from Time Warner Cable’s Connect a Million Minds to find out.

Flip goes to FIRST HQ

Flip visits New Hampshire… By- Heidi Buck

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