Sarah Heimlich (Australia)

My name is Sarah Heimlich and I’m an American but I currently live in Sydney, Australia. I’m a high school student with a passion to make the world a better place. From the time I was 9-14, I participated in FLL at the local, US national, and international level. Currently, I mentor and coach FLL teams in the Sydney area, am a member of the New South Wales FLL tournament committee, and help my parents in their role as the Australian operational partners. One of the coolest things FLL has allowed me to do is go to Auckland, New Zealand to help with their pilot tournament last year! My obsession with FIRST extends beyond FLL, I helped start Australia’s first FIRST Robotics Competition team, the Thunder Down Under.

In my spare time, I enjoy playing the harp and piano, swimming, hiking and learning to speak “Australian”. Most importantly, I have two great parents and a loving little sister — all amazing — who’ve supported me in every step of my life.

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