Building tips for your Challenge Set

September 2, 2016 • 2016 ANIMAL ALLIES

A few notes on building your Mission Models from our Engineering Technician, Mike… Before You Begin… Make sure to take your time! All Mission Models serve a purpose/function, so improper builds can cause large flaws in the game Make sure to grab all parts listed in the top left corner of each step. Remember, when… Read More ›


NeXT Generation bridges the progression of programs

Presenting at Best practices workshop

Our FIRST ®LEGO® League Global Innovation semi-finalists, runners-up and winners do not necessarily end their work when their winning seasons are over. We caught up with the 2015 FLL WORLD CLASSSM semi-finalists, NeXT Generation, of Tully, NY, USA, who have had quite an exciting year working with teams in three of the four FIRST® programs. Earlier this season, NeXT GEN… Read More ›

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