Although FLL has started a new season, FLL-OEC 2010 “Body Forward”, held in Delft-Holland, is still active in the minds of its participants. The championship page on Facebook hosting 300 members is still being updated nearly every day. The impact of FLL-OEC on everyone there was unforgettable, in terms of the immense benefits including gaining experience from other teams, meeting other people from different counties and different cultures, or even visiting a beautiful city like Delft. The amazing success for this championship was the natural outcome of enormous efforts and great people who made it happen.

Before the kickoff of the new season “Food Factor” here in the Middle East, and many other countries, I will record words of gratitude for some of the wonderful people whom I was privileged to interview during FLL-OEC-Delft. Amongst them were volunteers, judges, coaches, team members and others.

Part 1: Volunteers

I will start with a volunteer. What was his job?

Marcel Van Dien

Was he the driver who was responsible to pick up the teams from the train station.? Or was he the crew guy who handed the FLL medals to the team members? Or the one who cleaned the stage from the paper airplanes in the talents night? Or was the greeter on the information and registration disk? Was he the lovely man who was asking anyone to offer help and support. Well, he was all that and more; operating behind the scenes making sure things were taken care of.  That multi-talented, multi-tasker was Mr. Marcel Van Dien from Holland.

Marcel the driver

His main task at the beginning was to drive a van, but Marcel was so excited to do more. He told me that he was supposed to leave to Portugal, but he couldn’t. “I couldn’t leave such an environment filled with enthusiasm, joy and learning for such young kids!”.

Handed the FLL medals with Jeneen

Marcel has participated in local FLLs for the past 4 years. “There is a huge difference between local and international FLL tournaments … I am really amazed by the performance of these gifted kids from all over the world … and very happy to see all these faces here in Delft … I am very impressed”.

Paper airplanes are everywhere in the lovely talents night

Marcel worked within a team. Unfortunately, I couldn’t have the chance to meet them all and thank them one by one.

People like Marcel always exist in every FLL tournament whether it’s local, regional or international. They work silently to make you, me, and everybody gain the maximum benefit and fun there.

It's my honor to meet you Marcel

Finally, on behalf of all FLL’ers, I would like to thank all those wonderful volunteers… and thank you Marcel.