Team #3436, The Hydrators, from Oakville, Ontario, Canada just had a milestone accomplishment.

In addition to continuing to source the materials they need to build their invention the H2O Post, and refining the Arduino programming they use to automate the system, they just completed their patent application with the World Intellectual Property Organization!

Applications require not only written descriptions but a specific style of technical schematics (like FIG. 2a above and FIG. 1 below) and takes a lot of hard work.  Filing a patent in this way will help protect this team’s intellectual property internationally.


Congratulations Hydrators for taking this important step on your journey to making your invention a reality.  We wish you the best of luck receiving your patent!

Learn more about the H2O Post at the team’s website. It shows how this fully automated, non freezing water post allows users to track the individual water intake of multiple horses.

The team won the Global Innovation Award during the 2016-17 ANIMAL ALLIES season for their invention. Here they are showing it to FIRST founder Dean Kamen.

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